Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct:

 Everyone in the school community has 3 Basic Rights:

  • The right to feel safe
  • The right to be treated with respect
  • The right to learn/teach


In order for us all to have these rights, we all have 3 Responsibilities:

  • The responsibility to behave in a safe way
  • The responsibility to treat others with respect
  • The responsibility to allow others to learn and teachers to teach


Our Code of Conduct, known as ‘PROEC’, is based on 5 key words:



In our school community we:

  •  Pride: Take pride in ourselves, our environment, our work and our achievements.
  •  Respect: Show respect & tolerance to each other, our community and ourselves at all times.
  •  Organisation: Arrive on time, organised and ready to learn every day.
  •  Effort: Give our best efforts in all that we do and celebrate the efforts of others.
  •  Care: Behave sensibly and safely, caring about the well-being of everyone in our community.


Through our commitment to these values, we will foster a harmonious, responsible and aspirational community, prepared for the challenges of the future.

Our school behaviour policy is constructed to uphold these rights and responsibilities explicit in our Code of Conduct. Any breaches of these will incur sanctions.