The Pastoral System

The pastoral system at The Billericay School is one of vertical House groups - Curie, Edison, Keller, Newton, Scott – all led by a Head of House. This pastoral team is overseen by a Senior member of staff and the Heads of House and supported by the Student Services Pastoral Support Team.

Pastoral Support Leaders (Student Services) - Mrs V Manchee and Mrs S Wood


Head of House Mrs Griffiths and Mr Hanton Mr Howells Mrs Goodine Ms Carton Mr Stokes
Pastoral Assistant(PSA) Ms Josefson and Mrs Hamilton Mrs Wood and Mrs Hamilton Mr Legg Mrs Toomey Mrs Say
Assembly Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11


Students are arranged in vertical tutor groups, meaning that each group will contain students from each year.  This enables the Form Tutor to get to know new students very quickly and give focused support to those in different years at key times throughout their education, around options or transition for example. The vertical groupings also allow the development of peer support, teamwork and leadership skills. Students are expected to be in form from 8.35 to 8.50 every morning unless they have assemblies. House assemblies are held in the hall at the beginning and end of each half term and year assemblies are Monday to Friday in the remaining weeks.

all houses


Each tutor has a paired colleague. This enables forms to be covered effectively in case of absence but also facilitates joint working where appropriate. Students must ensure that they know who their paired tutor is and where they should go if necessary. As far as possible, this will always be a form room close by.

The form tutor should be the first person to whom a student will turn for help or advice, although it may sometimes be necessary to refer the matter to the Head of House, Pastoral Support Assistant at Student Services or Head of Pastoral.

Form tutors have regular contact with parents through the student planner which should be signed weekly. The student planner provides an effective channel of communication between the tutor and the parents and also allows both to monitor when and how homework is recorded and/or correspondence from other staff.

 The form tutor plays a crucial role in monitoring student effort, behaviour and academic performance via regular learning conversations throughout the year. Using monitoring data, targets and records on SIMS, tutors can discuss progress with individuals and groups of students. Students should record Learning Conversations and targets in their planners.