CERTIFICATES (for exams sat in May/June 2022)

Please email examsoffice@billericayschool.com to arrange collection.


 CERTIFICATES (for exams sat in May/June 2023)

 Examination certificates will arrive in school during November/December.


Year 10

Certificates will be delivered to year 10 students in December 2023.  Further information to follow.


Year 11

If you have remained at The Billericay School, your certificates will ready for collection at the Year 12 Parents evening usually held in November.  If you are unable to attend this, please come to the Exams Office after this published day during break/lunch.  All other certificates will be available for collection from the main school reception from Monday 27 November to Wednesday 29 November 2023 between 3.30 and 4.30 pm, with a further opportunity during the week of Monday 8 to Wednesday 10 January 2024 (3.30-4.30 pm).


Year 13

A Presentation Evening will take place in December for the presentation of AS/A2 and Vocational Certificates and subject awards for Year 13 students.  Invitations are sent out in August with your results inviting you to attend. If you are unable to attend on this evening, you will have an opportunity to collect your certificates during the week of Monday 8 January - Wednesday 10 January 2024 (3.30-4.30 pm) from the main school reception.


If you are unable to attend on any of the above dates, you can nominate someone to collect your certificates on your behalf but we will require a letter confirming who they are and that you sign the letter, we will require some form of identification from the person you have nominated. Please email the examsoffice@billericayschool.com to nominate a third party.


Certificates will not be posted home unless prior arrangements have been made with the Exams Office.  The candidate will cover all postage costs as Special Delivery will be used. 


Unclaimed certificates are kept for one year from date of issue and are then destroyed.


Certificates are only printed once and replacement certificates are not issued by the Awarding Bodies.  Please keep all certificates safe, you will need them in the future.  In the unlikely event that you do lose or mislay your certificates, you will need to request a “Statement of Results” from the exam boards; a downloadable form is available on each of the following websites:







Advice is also available via the following link on our school website: