Replacement Certificates

If you have lost or misplaced your Exam Certificates, you will need to apply to the relevant exam boards for replacements. Unfortunately, The Billericay School does not hold duplicate copies.

Exam boards will not replace lost certificates with further original copies (exceptional circumstances will be considered). Only damaged or destroyed certificates will be replaced and, in these circumstances, the originals must be returned or evidence provided that they have been destroyed (e.g. by fire, theft or flood). Candidates who have lost certificates may apply for a “Certified statement of results” from the relevant awarding body for their own use or request that a confirmation of results be sent to external bodies (employers, etc.). Details may be found on the exam boards’ websites at the following links:

AQA : 





Please note, due to our retention policy, we are unable to provide any exam/grade confirmation post your 25th birthday, in this instance, you are advised to contact the exam boards directly. For your information our centre number is 16115.

 If you simply require confirmation of your exam results, please contact the Exams Office and they may be able to provide you with a letter from the Exams Officer, provided that your results can be located.