STEM CLUB WEEK - Monday 22 June - Friday 26 June 2020

The week commencing Monday 22 June marks STEM Club Week.

 The week long programme covers different aspects of sustainability, including "different areas of sustainability; clean air, water and sanitation, sustainable energy, sustainable food and sustainable materials”.  You are invited to participate in the exciting programme of events; aimed at inspiring and igniting imaginations.


 The websites below offer free resources for home teaching, in Maths, Science and Computing.  Many of the resources on the website are free to access, whilst some will require registering with STEM Learning (18 yrs+).  A number of activities are also available on their dedicated You Tube site and this will be the case with the STEM Club
Week Activities.


 Please follow the links below:


 STEM Learning:


 YouTube activities:


 Timetable of events:


 We hope you enjoy taking part.