Coming soon! New Free Parent App to share information



We are very pleased to announce that over the coming weeks we will be introducing a new and more accessible way to communicate and share information with you, our parent community. As your son/daughter’s school, we want you to feel as much a part of their education as possible and the increased use of smart phone technology provides an opportunity to do this. We will be introducing a free parent app that gives you access to a range of communication and information features to stay in touch with what is happening at school. The app will be available for both Apple iOS and Android devices.

Of paramount importance to our school is the safety of the students and effective communication with parents/carers. Therefore, we are currently updating our registration system in order to improve this communication. If your child is absent and you have not contacted the school absence line you will receive an app / SMS text and/or email informing you of the absence and requesting that you either text or call the school on 0844 239 3079, leaving a message to explain this. Should you wish to speak directly to the administrative assistant for attendance please phone 01277 314402.

By sending messages directly to you, we can all ensure that if your son/daughter is absent you can confirm to us quickly and easily that you are aware of the absence and the reason for it, thus ensuring your son/daughter’s safety.

You may also receive text messages or emails from time to time, informing you of events, such as review days, notification of parents evening, school closure etc.
We are currently trialling a range of features for the app which we will begin introducing for parents to use. This may mean that some of the features of the app will alter over the coming weeks as we roll the service out and resolve any related technical issues. We would welcome any feedback via email that you might have on any aspect of the app and would ask you to bear with us should there be any ‘glitches’ during this roll out period. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
We hope you will enjoy using the MyEd app and find it a useful source of information. You will receive further details over the coming term.

Please click on either of these two links to download the appropriate APP.

MYED Android App

MYED Apple

MyEd information document

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