Help with Revision

We have various programs which can help students to revise for their exams. By familiarising yourself with them, you can help your child achieve the best results possible.

For our current GCSE exam programme and revision advice booklet please go to the Revision Advice section.

Download your revision podcasts through the school website or by clicking the button below

Use your new school email address to register on the site and start receiving your downloaded email topics almost immediately!

Click on the document links below to gain extra information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Download to Apple Devices

Download to Android Devices

Download to Blackberry Devices

The podcasts are available through our school website at

Students can choose to watch the podcasts online on their computer or mobile device or, if they wish, download the podcasts to their mobile device to watch when they don’t have an internet connection. Therefore, mobile devices can actually support their learning!

It is important that students only visit the GCSEPod school subscription site through the link on the school website where they can watch and download any of the podcasts they require for FREE. If students log in direct to they will be taken to the retail site and they would have to pay to watch any podcasts.

When students click on the link from the website, they will be prompted to register with GCSEPod using their school email address. Once registered, they can select podcasts by searching in the relevant subject, by going to ‘Prepare for your next exam’ towards the bottom of the GCSEPod home page or by using the ‘Search’ window at the top right of the page.

When students choose a podcast to download, an email with an embedded link to the podcast will be sent from GCSEPod to their school email account. Students with Apple devices should simply click on the link when at home, save the podcast into their iTunes account and sync with their iPod, iPhone or iPad. Students with Blackberry or Android devices should click the link in the email, save the file to their computer, connect their device via USB to their PC or Mac and then drag the GCSEPod video files into the folder named ‘Video’. Detailed user guides are available on the school website.

We are also delighted to tell you that the new GCSEPod 2.0 iOS app is now available from the AppStore.  Click here to view the official announcement Official announcement of GCSEpod and click here to download the app Download the app.  You may download the PDF user guide by clicking on this link GCSEpod User Guide.  Please note that users must have already activated their GCSEPod 2.0 account and created login details before they try and login to the app.  

There are no plans to bring out an Android or Blackberry app at the moment.  This is because GCSEpod's actual website is fully responsive, meaning that when you visit our website on a smaller screen it re-shapes to fit your screen size just like an app would.  In addition, all GCSEPod podcasts can be downloaded directly from the website onto Android or Blackberry devices – you don’t have to worry about downloading an app for that!

If you have any problems or questions about the service please contact Mr Darley ([email protected]) who is leading the roll out in school. For technical advice please call GCSEPod on 0191 2111 999 or email [email protected].