Dress Code

The Sixth Form Dress Code


Students are expected to be dressed to reflect a school-based working environment. A smart-casual look is fine and in practice most students appreciate what this means within a school setting. However additional clarification is sometimes required: see below. 

Caps or other hats can be worn to school but not around school nor in assemblies or lessons.

Trousers are to be smart without holes or cuts in the fabric.

No shorts are to be worn.

No tracksuit bottoms to be worn.

Leggings may be worn but the student should also wear a top that reaches the legs, such as a long shirt or a dress.

Shirts and tops are to cover the upper body including the waist area.

No revealing tops, tops without straps nor tops with pencil straps.

Skirts and dresses should not be worn too short.

No flip flops.