Studying in the 6th Form

Emily Oldham

Stayed on from year 11 to study AS Levels in sociology and English literature, and a BTEC double award in health and social care. She aims to train to become a midwife.

‘The change from GCSE to A Level was daunting, but being organised and willing to put in the extra effort will make the transition a lot easier. I really enjoy all my courses. Other than learning stimulating content in each module, you also gain skills that are essential for any career, such as organisation, research and time management, as well as working independently and in a group. In my opinion, organisation is key to doing well in the Sixth Form’.

Alex Becalick

Chose AS level courses in chemistry, biology, physics and maths.

‘I hope to study biological sciences at York or Exeter. The transition to AS and A levels in science has given me opportunities to expand a lot upon both my practical and theory based skills in the school. The teachers put a lot of time into ensuring that all of the sixth form students are prepared for exams and whatever may come after them. My advice to any student going to sixth form is to find the right kind of schedule for your week that allows you to work without stress.’

Becky Leverett

Stayed on from year 11 to study AS levels in French, German, maths and economics.

‘The fact that the Sixth Form allowed me to continue with both of these languages means that I can now go on to study a three-language degree, adding Mandarin, which is exactly what I wanted to do. It has been amazing to develop my language skills with such enthusiastic teachers, whilst learning how to study independently in preparation for next year at university.’

Lauren Slade

Chose AS levels in maths, further maths, physics and chemistry. She aims to read mathematics at Cambridge or Warwick universities.

‘The thing I have enjoyed most about A levels is studying my favourite subjects at a much more advanced level. The biggest difference from GCSEs is the need to be really organised and have a revision plan so you don't spend all your time just doing homework. I found the best way to do this was to invest in lots of folders and dividers to get a good idea of how each A level was set out.’

Busayo Adeniran

‘I stayed on from year 11 to study AS levels in maths, physics, economics, geography, critical thinking and general studies. Personally, the most significant thing I have learnt from Sixth Form study is how to manage my time more efficiently, finding an effective balance between social activities and school work so I can work to my full potential. Along with the constant feedback from subject teachers, I was able to refine this balance.’

Alex Lammin

Joined the sixth form at Billericay having previously attended another local school. He has just completed AS levels in history and psychology as well as following a BTEC double award in engineering. He intends to study for a degree in Motorsport Engineering at university.

‘I thought it might be difficult to settle into a new learning environment as I knew few students. However, I found that the welcoming atmosphere enabled me to integrate within a very short time. The teaching staff are very supportive and do all they can to ensure you fulfil your potential. My advice to new students is to stay ahead by keeping on top of all your work and always meet important deadlines.’