Who's Who in the Sixth Form

Welcome to the Sixth Form Team of Staff...

Supporting your success

Guidance advice and support...In student satisfaction surveys this is rated as excellent...

We understand that your academic success is a team effort , with you, your parents and the school working together and communicating clearly.   Our intention is that you always have someone to call upon whenever you need guidance, advice or support and key staff are on hand to help:

Mrs F Smith, Head of Sixth Form

The Billericay School 6th form staff is dedicated to the achievement of academic excellence, the fulfilment of students’ potential and the expansion of their horizons. We aim to create young men and women who are willing to embrace the challenges and demands of a diverse and changing society. Our ‘open door’ policy providing guidance and support reflects our daily commitment to the 6th form community in achieving these goals.


Ms Pollard Acting Assistant Head of Sixth Form/ Head of Year 13



We encourage our students to be creative, independent, proactive, responsible and self disciplined in their approach to learning. Our aim is to instil high aspirations in our students and support growth in self- confidence arising from personal achievement. As a member of the 6th form team I hope to contribute to giving our students informed guidance about university choices, the UCAS application process, reference and personal statement writing as well as good quality internships and apprenticeships, contributing to making every student a success story beyond their time here at school.

Mr D Bacon, Achievement and Progress Coordinator/ Head of Year 12

A key aspect of my role within the sixth form is to monitor your progress. After every round of data collection, your form tutor will be provided with a traffic-lighted document that you can use in learning conversations to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses. As a sixth-form team we will use this information to ensure the optimum academic outcomes for all students.

Mrs L Pike, Sixth Form Administrator/ Student Support

My role is to maintain the smooth and happy running of the sixth form. I am a good first point of contact if you want some help and information.

I support students (and indeed their parents!) with the challenge of transition from Year 11 into sixth form through to their career path decisions into University or the workplace. 

One of my many favourite things about working within the sixth form team is the feeling when a young person realises that their dream for their future is within their reach.


A personal tutor

In addition to these staff each student is allocated a personal tutor (where possible, a member of staff who teaches or knows you). They are a close point of contact through regular meetings - you can discuss any problems relating to your work. They are also the first line of support for UCAS or employment applications.

Study tutoring

An additional level of support is offered to students with weekly meetings with a dedicated tutor to plan work, discuss time management, and work on specific course assignments in order to achieve the best possible grades.