House System and the School Day

Flexible Registration

Student Academic Monitoring

The school has reviewed its Pastoral Structure to enable us to focus on the academic attainment of students. We wish to develop a process that allows us to have a greater opportunity to discuss a child’s progress on an individual basis. We have decided that morning tutor time, 8.35 a.m. to 8.50 a.m, will be used in a more flexible way.

This will mean that students will have a specific appointment on one morning during a two week period to meet with their tutor and have a learning conversation. Students will also have an assembly meeting of their year group or a House assembly on the first and last weeks of each half-term. On the other mornings they will have the option of taking part in a range of extended activities which will be available from 8.00 a.m. These activities will include normal library activities in the RBLC, I.T. access in a range of areas, breakfast clubs, youth service activities and many more.

If you are interested in any activities which may be running in a particular department, please see the relevant members of staff.

Timing of the School Day:

  • Period 1: 8.50 - 9.50
  • Movement Time: 9.50 - 9.55
  • Period 2: 9.55 - 10.55
  • Break: 10.55 - 11.10
  • Period 3: 11.10 - 12.10
  • Movement time: 12.10 - 12.15
  • Period 4: 12.15 - 13.15
  • Lunch: 13.15 - 14:00
  • Period 5: 14:00 - 15.00

All Year Group assemblies will run on these days (in the Hall unless otherwise stated):

  • Monday - All with Form Tutors
  • Tuesday - Year 9
  • Wednesday - Year 8
  • Thursday - Year 10
  • Friday - Year 11 (Hall) & Year 7 (Gym)

House assemblies will usually run on the first and last weeks of each half-term in place of the usual Year Group assemblies

  • Monday - Keller
  • Tuesday - Curie
  • Wednesday - Edison
  • Thursday - Newton
  • Friday - Scott

Please see your House noticeboards to see whether it is Year Group or House Assembly week