Resource Based Learning Centre

The RBLC at The Billericay School

We see the role of the Resource Based Learning Centre as central to raising standards and maximising progress for all students through developing independent learners who read widely for pleasure and information.

We aim to encourage an enthusiasm about reading through a diverse range of material including books, magazines, audio-visual material such as talking books, CDs, videos and DVDs, National and Local Newspapers and providing access to IT facilities, including the Internet.

The RBLC aims to provide:

  • A wide variety of resources to support students’ personal development and interests
  • A stimulating and exciting environment to support private study, group enquiry discussion and practical activity which is accessible to all 

The RBLC aims to help students develop:

  • Information and data handling skills
  • Research Skills
  • A passion for reading

Accelerated Reader

We have used the Accelerated Reader programme in Year 7 with much success.

Accelerated Reader Advantage (AR) is a reading practice component that is essential to any reading curriculum; it is combined with a daily progress-monitoring assessment tool and the STAR Reading program that allows us to instantly assess pupils reading levels, reading ages and national curriculum levels in reading as well as measuring growth.

Since AR is individualised to match the reading level of each pupil, pupils are motivated to read more as they experience success. AR helps us to guide pupils of all levels to appropriate books and to closely monitor reading practice using reliable and valid quizzes using everyday books such as Harry Potter, not books just written for a particular reading scheme.

Using Accelerated Reader we have found that library circulation is growing, our students love to read, and are becoming better readers. Scientifically-based research also shows that pupils using AR perform better in all academic areas than pupils who do not use the software. What’s more, AR provides teachers with immediate feedback on all reading practice activities to help monitor progress for pupils of all achievement levels.

If you would like to learn more about Accelerated Reader, please click on the following links:

A Parent's Guide to Accelerated Reader

If you would like to follow your child's progress in Accelerated Reader, you may do so from your home computer. The information on the link below will explain more and tell you how you can access "Home Connect". Please note that we only use Accelerated Reader, not Accelerated Maths at The Billericay School.

A Parent's Guide to Home Connect

Writing a Book Review

Here are some documents you may find useful when writing a Book Review. Should you wish to type on the template of the Book Review you will need to use the Word version of the document which you may download to your computer.

How to be a book reviewer

Book Review template

Book Review template

Book Clubs

We have two very active and lively Book Clubs, one for Years 7-11 (which meets on the first Thursday of each month) and one for staff, which meets once each half term.

We organise book related events and Author visits, including entering teams into the TES Kids’ Lit Quiz.