“Backchat” is the elected voice of the students of the Billericay School. There are about 90 Backchat reps in the school. Each vertical tutor group within the five Houses sends one representative to their House Backchat meeting. We meet about once a half term to discuss issues that are important to our students. Backchat are also consulted about a range of issues within the School and were involved in the interview process for our new Head Teacher.

Backchat elections take place in the first half term of every year and are organised like a real election, with a secret ballot, using the RBLC as a polling station. Students from all year groups are encouraged to stand to represent their form. Backchat meetings are run by a Head of House and attended by a member of the schools Governing Body, feedback is given in meetings by a Deputy Head Teacher.

Mr J Stokes, Head of House and Backchat