Term and Holiday Dates

The links to the charts below are graphic representations of the school term dates in an easy to read format. They contain important information about the term and holiday dates for the current and next academic year. You may wish to download them and print them out so you always have a quick reference guide to the year ahead. 

For more detailed information on a day-by-day basis, please refer to our Calendar section.

School Year 2020-2021

(Revised) The Billericay School Term and Holiday Dates 2020-2021

Please Note the following alterations to dates:

  • Wednesday 2 September is now an additional Staff Preparation Day. Please refer to the school calendar for more information.
  • The training day which was originally scheduled for Monday 23 November 2020 has now been rescheduled to Friday 4 December 2020. 
  • Due to COVID-19, all dates are currently subject to change.

School Year 2021-2022

The Billericay School Term and Holiday Dates 2021/2022