Positive Test Notification

In the event that your child receives a positive test result, please complete the form below and return to: positivecovid@billericayschool.com.  Please be advised that this email address should ONLY be used for informing the school of a positive result. For all other queries, please email us at info@billericayschool.com.

 Positive Test Result Notification Form 

  • If you have a screenshot or email of the test result, please also include this as an attachment within your email.
  • Upon receipt of your completed form, you will be contacted by a member of staff and may be asked to provide further information regarding your child’s proximity with other students outside of school.
  • Using classroom seating plans, any child who is identified as having been in close proximity to your child will be asked to isolate accordingly.
  • The details of any child who has tested positive will not be shared by the school.