2021 Year 13 Examination Results

Year 13 - Tuesday 10th August 2021


Our Year 13 students have repeatedly demonstrated commendable resilience and determination over the past two years, overcoming the significant disruption to their education caused by the pandemic.  Their response has been inspiring and today we recognise their hard work and congratulate them on their successes. 

 A staggering 31% of A Level results achieved A* or A which is the gold standard. We are proud to say that many of our students are leaving The Billericay School able to accept their first choice university course or apprenticeship. 

 To those moving into employment and other ventures, we hope you will enjoy a prosperous and rewarding career.

 We wish you all every success moving forward and look forward to hearing all about your progress – please be sure to keep us updated.

 Mr Berry, Acting Headteacher and Mrs Smith, Head of Sixth Form


“We are absolutely delighted with the results, they are a testament to the ability, dedication and determination of both our students and staff. The past year has been tough but we have had the support of our community in our endeavours to do the best we can for our students.  Congratulations to everyone and my best wishes to each student as they move on to the next stage of their education or employment – I wish you every possible success”.

Mr Ahson Mohammed, CEO of the Compass Education Trust


 Thana Uddin who has been at the school since Year 7 has secured a place at QMU to study Medicine. Thana said “I have had all the support I needed and made the best decision for myself”. Thana achieved A* A* A A.

 Isabel Hillion who joined the school in Year 12 has secured a place at Cambridge to study History and Politics after achieving four A*s. Isabel said “After a stressful few months, I am delighted to be going to my chosen university”

 Eden Hamilton, also a new admission in Year 12, gained A* A* A and will be continuing his studies at Royal Holloway in Computer Science. Eden hopes to pursue a career in Cryptography.

 Ed Redgrave who joined in Year 7 achieved three A*s at A Level and a further B in AS Further Maths through independent study. Ed will be going onto to study Aeronautical Engineering at Bristol. Ed said “I am really happy with my grades so I can follow my chosen career path”.

 Well done to ALL our students – we are very proud of you all.