Get You Started : Summer Induction Tasks

Summer Term 2021 Preparatory Tasks for all Billericay School 6th Form Applicants 

We are very pleased that you have applied to join our 6th form at The Billericay School.

Induction Day Monday 28 June 

The 6th Form Applicants Day on Monday 28 June will now not take place in school given the recent increase in virus transmission nationally and locally. However we will be able to deliver an equivalent experience on the day, so please make sure you are with us remotely. 

All 6th form applicants are requested to attend a live presentation by Zoom at 11.30am on Monday 28 June.
Further details and Zoom link will be supplied on the 6th Form Applicants Google Classroom.

Please get in touch with Mrs Pike if you have any queries about accessing the 6th Form Applicants Google Classroom.

 "Get You Started Tasks"  Summer Term 2021

Teachers have prepared a range of activities for you to work on for the rest of this term, in order to prepare you for the start of your sixth form studies. They are now ready for you to access. They can be found by clicking on the 'Students' tab on this website and opening the section called 'Home Learning Curriculum' (or follow this link

On the left hand side you will find a section called 'Year 11 into 12'. When you click that tab you will find all the subjects listed. 
The expectation is that you will work through the materials for the subjects you are intending to study. You can, of course, look at other subjects that you might be interested in if you are still unsure of one or more of your choices.

If you have any questions, you can ask them via the 6th Form Applicants Google Classroom and we will direct them towards the appropriate member of staff.  We believe that students who complete the tasks conscientiously make a better start to their 6th form studies, and are better equipped to meet the demands of Year12.  

Externals pre-enrolment only WEDNESDAY 1 September 1.30pm

All Year 12 Enrolment THURSDAY 2 September 10.15 am (External and Internal students)

Details of enrolment and enrolment forms will be posted home after GCSE results are published and 6th form places confirmed.