Higher Education, Apprenticeships and UCAS

UCAS ADVICE Year 13 Leavers 2019

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UCAS Advice 

Parents Advice

Advice for Students



Applying for Higher Education 2019-2020


Preparation already undertaken in Year 12

Induction Days at Essex University and Anglia Ruskin University: ‘Thinking about Your Future’ September 2018.

University Summer School Applications: Spring onwards

Oxbridge applicants: Oxbridge Parents’ Evening at CCHSG Jan 2019

Medical applicants’ initial consultation and advice: Spring onwards

All applicants: Ex-students Q&A Panel Part 1 about University Life in general

Apprenticeship Information Sessions




Summer Term Year 12

Tuesday 11 June - Next Steps Higher Education/UCAS Parents Information Evening

Monday 10 June – Next Steps Day: Introduction to the UCAS Application Process, Higher/Degree Apprenticeships, Student Finance, How to Select the Right University, Writing a Personal Statement

Thursday 13 June – Essex Higher Education Super Fair at Essex University.  

June – UCAS APPLY Students register in class and are issued with UCAS Track ID and password.  DO NOT LOSE!

Ongoing Preparation:

• Researching universities, courses, higher/degree apprenticeships and entry requirements

• Preparation for Higher Education Super Fair

• Open Day Visits.

• Meeting tutor to discuss higher education intentions, personal statements and references

• Collection of comments from subject staff in preparation for references

• Completion of Personal Details section of UCAS APPLY in class

• Drafting of personal statement

• Oxbridge / medical / veterinary applicants need to be considering college applications and tests as well as completing second draft of personal statements


• UCAS website

• Individual institution websites

• L:\UCAS and Career Resources

• Resources book case outside 6th form office

• Mrs Smith and 6th form team for individual advice and guidance

NEXT STEPS 2 : Apprenticeships Thursday 4 July 2019  

 PP EXAM RESULTS Thursday 15 August 2019 (available in school from 11 am)


Autumn Term Year 13

Early October – subject staff issue predicted grades for UCAS applications

Thursday 3 October – Parents Consultation Evening (Please note change of date)

Wednesday 9 October – Interview Practice Morning with Jane Marshall from Optimising Futures


UCAS Deadlines

Oxbridge / Medicine / Veterinary courses: October 15 2019

All other applicants: January 15 2020


School Deadlines for University Application

After students have completed their applications, these are reviewed by tutors, and then by members of the 6th form team. Completion of application is defined as all sections of the application form ready to send. 

Oxbridge / Medicine / Veterinary courses: completion of application by Friday 4 October 2019

All other applicants: completion of application by Friday 8 November 2019

Note: final date to ensure UCAS application is completed and ready to process before UCAS January deadline - Friday 13 December  2019


September / October

• Students regularly meet with tutors to improve Personal Statements and discuss tutor references.

• Further research and decision making about courses and institutions

• Attendance at Open Days: maximum 3 school days out this term

• Completion of Education and Course Choice sections of UCAS APPLY: in school sessions.

• Application form and reference checking interviews with Mrs Smith and 6th form staff – students sign up for these


November / December

• Finalising of applications

• Application form and reference checking interviews with Mrs Smith and 6th form staff – students sign up for these

• Practice interviews for students requiring these

• All applications sent off


Spring / Summer Term 2020

UCAS Extra from Feb onwards

Student Finance application can be made online via

https://www.gov.uk/student-finance/overview  from February / March

Early May - students must reply to offers by now (but some exceptions)

Apprenticeship Applications Ongoing guidance and support in Year 13 from 6th form team. Tutor meetings to compose reference.  Students need to respond to individual deadlines set by institutions, employers and other apprenticeship providers.


EXAM RESULTS Thursday 13 August 2020

School staff to advise and guide as needed on the day.