School Uniform and School Uniform Shop

At The Billericay School, we believe that the wearing of school uniform encourages community cohesion and equality, as well as engendering in students the importance of high standards of personal presentation when in a work environment.  We believe that taking pride in their personal apperance is an important factor in students' academic success and it is for this reason that we place such high expectations on the standards of uniform and general presentation expected from our students.

School Uniform Policy

Please click on the link below for details of our School Uniform Policy

Uniform Policy

Uniform Expectations


School Uniform Shop

Located within F Block, the School Uniform Shop will operate daily from 8 am to 9.15 am, Monday to Friday (term time) and is open to students and parents/carers during this time. Purchases can also be made via the Simmonds website:

Purchasing uniform via the school, although completely optional, assists in ensuring consistency of standards.

Payment can be made by cash or debit/credit card. Cheques are no longer accepted as a means of purchase.

Please be reminded that girls wishing to wear a skirt for school will need to ensure this is purchased from Simmonds, as this pleated, knee length, skirt is now the only skirt style that meets our uniform requirements. Of course, girls may continue to wear plain, black trousers providing they meet our uniform regulations as set out in the Student Planner.


Please click on the file below for al ist of uniform prices. (Prices for 2019 are currently under review and will be published shortly).

Uniform Prices