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Should a club or fixture be cancelled for any reason could parents/guardians please ensure that their son/daughter knows how to get home or what to do. The PE office has a phone which students can use to call home and notify parents of any changes. Changes can happen due to bad weather or last minute cancellations by other schools. This is something we cannot always anticipate or control and we need to ensure that the students are safe. If for any reason a student cannot get home they must inform the PE staff immediately.

School Sports Clubs

PE Clubs timetable Summer 2018

Year 7 Practical PE Rotations October Half Term to Christmas 2017

Year 8 Rotations 2017-18

Year 9 Rotations 2017-18

General School Clubs

General School Clubs and Out of Hours Activities 2017-2018

Music Clubs

Music Clubs 2017-2018

Drama Clubs

Drama Clubs at Lunchtime and After School 2017-2018