Student Portal

The Billericay School Portal 

Download Student Portal Connector

Download Staff Portal Connector


 Portal Instructions for Windows Computers

  • Click to download the relevant portal connection file ( if you cant find it check your downloads folder)
  • Double click to run the file and select connect
  • Enter your school username and password to connect to the school portal 

Portal Instructions for Apple OSX / IOS, Android and Chrome OS

Apple, Android and Chromebooks require the Microsoft Remote Desktop application to be installed in able to connect to the school portal

Apple store -

Play store -

Step 1 Download the Microsoft Remote Desktop application


 Step 2 Open the app and click Add Desktop or Add PC (depending on the app version or device)


Step 3 Configure as shown in picture below

PC Name =

Gateway = (for students) or (for staff) 


Step 4 You should now have a desktop available 


Step 5 Click the desktop and it will prompt you for your school username and password - enter billericay\(yourusername) and then your password and click continue


Step 6 After clicking continue it should now log you onto the portal