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The Billericay School

First Aid and Emergency Room

Our on-site First Aid room is intended for students with urgent medical needs or the treatment of pre-existing conditions. In order to deter students from abusing this privilege, any student who feels unwell must now alert their classroom teacher, who will call a “walkabout” member of staff to collect them and deliver them directly to the First Aid room for treatment. Students are not permitted to self-present unless in an emergency.

Any student who currently holds a “Pre-existing Condition” card, will be permitted to use our First Aid room, unescorted. Diabetic students in particular will be permitted to use the room to administer insulin, as required.

Due to limited on-site storage, only medication which has been prescribed by or specifically recommended by a GP or specialist consultant, can now be administered by staff. We will no longer be able to store and administer over the counter medicines brought in by students or parent/carers from home.

In order for permitted medication to be stored in school, parents/carers are required to contact our first aid team by emailing: firstaidroom@billericayschool.com 

 All medication must be: 

  • Appropriately labelled, showing the original prescription label (including name and date of birth)
  • Provided in reasonable amounts
  • In its original container and handed directly to the nominated person in our First Aid room
  • Accompanied by clear instructions on dosage, frequency of dosage, date of dispense, storage requirements (if any) and expiry date (if available). 


Please note: 

  • It is the responsibility of the parent/carer to notify the school if there is a change in medication. 
  • The school will not accept responsibility for dispensing any medication which is not clearly labelled.
  • For the safety of our community, students are not permitted to carry medication on their person, which has not been disclosed.


If you are unsure if your child has been issued with a “Pre-existing Condition” card, or if you need to complete a Medication Consent Form, please contact a member of our First Aid team, who will be able to help you.