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The Billericay School

Student Reference Requests

Year 11 Students

As part of the application process to College, an Apprenticeship or a Job role, students are likely to be asked to provide a reference from the school. As a general rule, the organisation will contact the school directly and the request will be returned electronically. However, if you are asked to provide a contact name or email address, please include the name of your form tutor and provide the main address; info@billericayschool.com.

  • Please be aware that staff will not provide handwritten references and will instead, forward these to our designated administrator to process. 
  • The reference will show the students most recent grades for each subject based on their latest monitoring/PPEs. 
  • It is not standard practice to share this document with the student. 

Sixth Form Students

Year 12 and 13 students are advised to approach the Sixth Form team for further advice.