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The Billericay School

Student Voice

Our students are amazing people and we are very proud of them. They are at the heart of everything we do at The Billericay School.

It is important to us that our students have a collective ‘voice’ and have the opportunity to share their ideas and opinions. We are fortunate to have a dedicated team of trained students who volunteer their time to support and mentor their peers.

We all have the same goal of wanting to make student life better. Listening to our young people ensures we continue to meet their changing needs and equip them with the skills, resourcefulness and resilience to succeed.

At The Billericay School, we have a number of student led initiatives to ensure that our students’ voice is heard. Information about some of these can be found below:

Student Panels

Students are regularly asked to take part in student panels to give their feedback on the school, their subjects and education.

Student Council

Student council, formerly known as “Backchat”, is the elected voice of the students of the Billericay School. There are about 90 student representatives in the school. Each vertical tutor group within the five Houses sends one representative to their House Backchat meeting. We meet about once a half term to discuss issues that are important to our students. Backchat are also consulted about a range of issues within the School and were involved in the interview process for our new Head Teacher.

Backchat elections take place in the first half term of every year and are organised like a real election, with a secret ballot, using the library as a polling station. Students from all year groups are encouraged to stand to represent their form. Backchat meetings are run by a Head of House and feedback is given in meetings by the Headteacher.

Sixth Form Committee

The Sixth Form Committee are an elected group of students who meet regularly to discuss various topics relating to sixth form life.  They are responsible for organising and running charity events, dress down days and inter-sixth form competitions, as well as organising and fund raising for the year 13 prom.  Their voices have the ability to shape the sixth form experience and by working with the sixth form team have the opportunity to create change.

RED (Representation, Equality & Diversity)

Our RED group is an initiative that we have relaunched.  It currently runs in Year 7 and Year 8.  In this group we discuss issues around ‘protected characteristics’ (age, disability, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, being married/in a civil partnership, pregnancy/maternity leave).

The Billericay Pride

The Billericay School is an inclusive school that celebrates our differences and supports one another.  F12 is available every lunchtime as a meet and greet space and chill room.  This is for our LGBTQ+ Community and their friends and allies.

Islamic Student Forum

The Islamic Student Forum meets once a term and is an opportunity for all Muslim pupils at The Billericay School to share and celebrate their culture, identify and experiences with the wider school community.


A group run with Schools Ministry Billericay, meeting once a week at lunchtime with time to chat about life and faith, have some fun and connect with each other.  It is time set aside where students meet and make friends.  This impacts their spiritual as well as social wellbeing.


S4S is a team of trained students who work together to help our school to be an enjoyable, safe and happy place. 

We are a group of trained students from different year groups. We are available at lunchtimes in A28 and around the school to offer support, help, advice, and somewhere else for you to go when things aren’t going well. We even like to hear from you when things are going well, if you’d like to share that with us too!

We are building links with other student led groups like Backchat and other lunchtime clubs, so if you want to make a comment or suggestion about how to improve our school, you can let us know and we will make sure it is passed on to the right people.

In the summer term, we go out to some of the primary schools in our catchment area. We run fun workshops to make it easier for year 6 students to feel like they know us and find it easier to settle in when they come up to us in September.

If you are worried about something, please come and speak to one of the team and allow us to help you. You can find us in A28 at lunchtimes, around school at other times or you can email us on : s4steam@billericay.essex.sch.uk

How we can help you?

We think our school is a friendly, welcoming place but we know sometimes we all find things difficult and we don’t want to, or know how to, deal with some of these things on our own.

We know that the staff team are here to help us and we have had training to know when the staff team are the best people to help you, but sometimes we want to get help from our peer group first.

If any of these sound like you, or someone you know, please come and find us in A28 at lunch time or you can email us on s4steam@billericay.essex.sch.uk We really are here to help!