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The Billericay School

How can you help?

As part of the Careers Education and Guidance programme at The Billericay School, we are seeking to update our provision to students in the form of parental contact/contributions.

I would be very grateful if you could take the time to consider whether you might be in a position to offer help in one or all of the following areas:

  1. Speaking about your employment experiences to small groups of students.
  2. Arranging a visit to your place of work for individuals or small groups.
  3. Offer of 1 week business placements for Year 12 students.
  4. Agreeing to talk to students on a one-to-one basis as and when the need arises - this could take place over the telephone.
  5. Interested in attending the school’s Careers Convention.
  6. Offer 1 weeks work experience placement for year 10 students

If you feel you could be of assistance, please email us at info@billericayschool.com, including the following information:

  • Which area (numbered above) you are interested in helping with
  • Career in which you work
  • Name
  • Company Name
  • Company Address
  • Contact Telephone Number
  • Contact Email

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.

Mr A Wilson and Mrs K Smith