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The Billericay School

A Level and Vocational Successes 

The Billericay School Sixth Form Exam Results 2022

A phenomenal set of results outperforming the last ‘real’ performance tables (pre-Covid) by 12%. The Billericay Sixth Form improves even further, continuing to be one of the best Sixth Forms in Essex and a Centre of Excellence both locally and nationally

2022 Sixth Form Results Headlines

  • Nearly 30% achieved A*- A and a phenomenal 2 in 3 students achieved A*- B at A Level (nearly 60%).
  • Over 40 Students achieved more than 2 A’s.
  • 39 A* grades achieved and 91 A grades. 
  • 100% Pass rate in Applied General Qualifications and 24 Distinction or Distinction Star Grades in Vocational Qualifications.
  • A* Grades were achieved in 16 different A Level subjects.
  • Overall - Over 98% of all students gained strong passes.

We continue to be one of the highest achieving Sixth Forms in Essex with a stunning set of results and achievements from our incredible Sixth Formers.

We are hugely proud of what they have achieved during their time at The Billericay Sixth Form and we look forward to seeing what so many will achieve in the coming years; we have many future entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists, doctors, artists and creative professionals. University destinations included King’s College London, Imperial, Exeter, Loughborough, Bath, York, Warwick, Durham and Birmingham. This next generation is one we are rightly proud of.

Patrick Berry, Headteacher stated

These results are truly phenomenal and represent the culmination of the hard work and dedication of our wonderful student community and the outstanding support from our dedicated staff body. Our students now have exceptional futures ahead of them.

We are incredibly grateful to all the parents/carers, who have provided outstanding support at all times, but particularly with the challenges this cohort have faced both working from home and in school.

Lisa Pollard, Head of Sixth Form, said

I am incredibly proud of our Year 13 students and so happy to be able to celebrate with them today following their hard work over the past two years having faced such significant disruption to their education. They have risen to the challenge of a school experience unlike any other. They have had to adapt to remote learning, sacrifice their social lives and take on more responsibilities at home. Additionally they had to tackle exams head on, for the first time, without the practice run of GCSEs. However, this formidable year group has done so with resilience, adaptability, kindness and good humour.  Meaning they are now highly skilled individuals and hugely employable as a result. We wish each and every one of them all the very best for their futures.

Here are some of our top achievers this year:

  • William Richbell achieved straight A*s in Chemistry, Maths and Further Maths. William is embarking on a MORSE degree at the University of Warwick.
  • Jessica Dillon achieved A*’s in Chemistry, English Literature and Maths and an A in Physics. She is going to study Chemistry at the University of York.
  • Evan Beldom achieved an A* in English Literature and A’s in History and Psychology and is going to study Law at the University of Birmingham
  • Kimberley Bopoto achieved an A* in Biology and A’s in Chemistry, Psychology and the EPQ.  She is hoping to study medicine in South Africa.
  • Hannah Cox achieved A*’s in Biology and Psychology and A’s in Chemistry and Maths. She is going to study Psychology at the University of Bath.
  • George Field achieved an A* in Biology and A’s in Chemistry and Maths. He is going to study Biological Sciences at University College London.
  • Joshua Green achieved A*’s in Maths and Further Maths, an A grade in Physics and a B in Economics. He is going to study Maths and Physics at the University of Warwick. 
  • Alice Hunt achieved A*’s in History, Politics and Sociology and an A grade in the EPQ. She is going to study History and Politics at the University of Birmingham
  • William Hunt achieved an A* in History, an A in Politics and a B in English Literature. This is despite him being admitted to hospital in the middle of the exams. He is going to study History at the University of Liverpool.
  • Amy Johnson achieved A grades in History, Psychology and Sociology. She is going to study Criminology at the University of Durham.
  • Sophie Kelly achieved an A* in Maths, an A in Further Maths and B grades in Chemistry and Physics. She is going to study Mechanical Engineering at the University of Loughborough.
  • Gracie Nicholls achieved an A* in Biology and A grades in Chemistry and History. She is going to study Medical Biosciences at Imperial College London.
  • Jacob Lewis achieved A grades in Economics, English Literature & Language and History.
  • Tyler Osborne achieved A grades in Drama, English Language & Literature and Film Studies.
  • Maddie Pereira achieved A*s in Maths and Further Maths and a B in Economics.
  • Josh Ranson achieved 3 A grades in French, German and History. Josh will be reading for a degree in History at the University of Southampton.
  • Imogen Thistlethwaite achieved As in Maths and Physics alongside a B in German is off to study Mechanical Engineering at the University of Warwick.
  • Anabelle Baker achieved a D* in PE alongside A grades in Sociology and Psychology and has secured a place at Birmingham University. 

A huge well done to all of our Year 13 students. We would like to wish you all the very best for the future and hope that you will stay in touch!