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The Billericay School


Every member of our staff body is dedicated to providing the best possible outcomes for our students and we would sincerely hope that you have experienced this first hand. 

If you would like to thank a specific member of staff, or highlight their good work, you can do this by completing the following form:



Here are some we have received recently: 

To Mr Redwood: 

Thank you Mr Redwood for all the hard work that you have put in to the PE department. I really appreciate it and I always look forward to PE lessons in top set with you. 


To Mr Hanton: 

Dear Sir, thank you for helping me with science last year and for making chemistry extremely engaging and easy to understand. Thank you for also being my emotional support teacher and helping me through tough times by giving me advice as well as making me laugh.

To Mrs Dewell: 

Thank you for helping provide information and support to those of us who joined from another school. Thank you for replying to calls and email’s promptly. Thank you for being their to support my son.

To Mrs Bellers: 

Dear Miss, thank you for helping me with German this year and for believing in me as well as challenging me so that I can do my very best in German as well as being a really kind and understanding teacher.


To The Billericay School: 

I want to say a huge thank you to all teachers that have taught my son over the past year.  He is thriving and enjoys school, which is a massive weight off our minds as parents.  Teaching moody teenagers can't be easy, so thank you for your hard work and dedication.