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The Billericay School

Signing In and Out

The attendance office is located within C-Block , adjacent to Student Services. 

If your child has an appointment or any other reason for leaving school during school hours, students are required to sign in and out using the register located within the attendance office.

When signing in/out, students are expected to present written communication from a parent/carer which can be in the form of a letter or an entry within their student planner.  If a students is unable to provide this information and no communication has otherwise been received from the parent/carer, a call home will be made before the student is allowed to leave the school grounds.

When signing out for medical appointments, students will be given a compliment slip which we request to be stamped by your surgery/practitioner and returned the next day.

Students who arrive late for school are also expected to sign in, stating the reason for their lateness.