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The Billericay School

Student and Staff Portal

Remote App Portal

Remote App Portal (<<<< Click here for school portal )


Instructions for Windows Computers

  • visit https://portal.billericay.essex.sch.uk
  • to login enter billericay\yourschoolusername you may be prompted to log in multiple times on your first login 
  • once logged in your available apps will be listed 
  • click the app you want to run it will download an rdp file
  • open this file it will prompt you to log in again
  • remember to include billericay\ before your username
  • The app will now open as if its installed on your local home computer you will have access to all of your school files and drives via the explorer app


Instructions for Apple OSX / IOS, Android and Chrome OS

Install the Microsoft Remote Desktop application from your app store

  •  once downloaded open the Microsoft remote Desktop app
  • click workspaces and add a workspace
  •  enter https://portal.billericay.essex.sch.uk
  • Leaving user account as Ask when required will prompt you for your username and password every time you use the portal this is ideal if multiple people use the same computer to access the portal
  • otherwise you can click the drop down menu and select add user account or select your user account if already created
  • Click add to add the workspace
  • you can now open your apps as if installed on your device